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Commercial litigation can result from any type of dispute that arises within a company or corporation. Such disputes can affect the profitability and success of your business, which is why Brett A. Elam and his team work tirelessly to resolve such matters as quickly as possible. Our firm is cost conscious and results-driven, which are attributes that lead us to thoroughly evaluate whether or not litigation serves the client's best interests. Mr. Elam and his staff develop accurate budget forecasts and conduct cost/benefit analyses, enabling informed decisions for our client on the advisability of litigation versus alternatives designed to achieve resolution more quickly and affordably.

Judgment Enforcement

You sued and won a judgment, and the debtor will not pay voluntarily; a Judgment Enforcement Attorney is what you need. Mr. Elam prides himself on his firm’s persistence and tenacity in enforcement of judgment. The firm has represented creditors who seek to collect even when debtors attempt to avoid payment through fraudulent transfers, improper use of business entities or other methods of hiding assets. Mr. Elam also vigorously represents judgment debtors in similar proceedings.

Bankruptcy Representation

The Law Offices of Brett A. Elam has represented clients in a wide variety of cases, including many that involved Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 proceedings. Mr. Elam and his staff are available to provide you with one on one service in your bankruptcy case in an effort to free you from unmanageable debt as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our firm can also assist with matters involving collection defense, foreclosure defense and tax negotiation.